A Fond Farewell to The Tig

Yesterday, I received an email. It was an email that has caused a certain ripple of excitement in some quarters and positive alarm in others. In simple terms, it was an email from Meghan Markle’s lifestyle blog website The Tig, announcing that it was closing the doors and exiting with grace.

The significance of this move – the sudden closure of Markle’s successful passion project – suggests new things may be ahead for the actress and philanthropist. And that these new things might just involve a certain red-headed prince.

The Tig in itself was successful because it combined enough of Markle’s personal anecdotes with an aspirational lifestyle theme; readers were addressed as friends and encouragement given which suggested that they too could live a charmed life if they embraced an ethos of positivity and strength.

While some have derided the website as a PR project for the actress (which of course, in some sense, it was), they miss the point that The Tig had good intentions at it’s heart. The tone of inclusion, diversity, personal motivation and self-belief stems from Markle’s own background as a mixed race woman trying to find her own voice. Her success in reaching a position of influence, and her belief that she can use this to help others to improve their own lot in life, underpins much of the content on The Tig.

It is to be hoped that she will continue to work towards this aim, whether it is as the consort to a prince or not.

I am sorry there will be no more chatty, cheery emails regularly popping in to my mailbox with a bright ‘Hello Sweetie!’ – but I understand the reasons why there can’t be. It saddens me a little that this woman must shut down her blog and silence her twitter, but since she stepped on to a much bigger stage, her words have taken on unintended significance and caused much negative comment. That her original intentions as an actress building a positive online presence could be so misconstrued in her new position speaks volumes about the kind of society we are, and our still cynical attitudes towards women who push themselves forward.

So – a thank you to The Tig for all the words of wisdom, and a cheeky wink of good luck towards it’s founder. Knock ’em dead.